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Gilmore Named 2018 SRO of the Year

Sgt. Chris Gilmore is also a hostage negotiator

Sgt. Chris Gilmore’s deep love for children has trickled over into his career at the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office; and parents, students, and teachers across the county are benefitting from it.

Currently a School Resource Officer who manages 12 other deputies, the nine-year department veteran puts professionalism, unmatchable energy, extraordinary effort, and heart into everything he does on the job.

In addition to ensuring the safety of each public school in Cheatham, Gilmore works diligently to improve the relationships between local youth and law enforcement.

“An SRO officer builds relationships—and most importantly, trust— when there are very few mentors in a child’s life,” says Sheriff Mike Breedlove.

“Sgt. Gilmore fully cherishes his calling as an SRO, handling all problems that may arise from checking on why a first-grader has not been coming to school, a fourth-grader who is suicidal because he can’t take the bullying anymore, a middle school kid whose emotional struggles are so great that he shows up to kill a deputy and teachers, or just the child who needs his smile. He is all of that, and more.”

Gilmore is actively involved in various local charitable causes, camps, activities, and events. He is also responsible for the county’s DUI checkpoints, saturations, and related grant monies. And he still somehow finds the time to be a hostage negotiator for the county’s SWAT Team and advocate for citizens through his position of county commissioner.

“He loves his county, it’s citizens, and our children; we are fortunate to have him as our public servant and to call him a trusted friend,” adds Breedlove who recently named Gilmore the department’s SRO of the Year for 2018- the first award of its kind for the department.

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