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Cheatham County Sheriff's Office 2018 Deputy of the Year: Dahianna Arguello

She’s been called Superwoman. She’s been called a lifesaver.

And although she will modestly brush off such titles, her co-workers continuously sing her praises.

As the first female of Sheriff Mike Breedlove’s administration to be appointed a deputy sheriff and sent to the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy, Deputy Dahianna Carolina Artavia Mesen Arguello will celebrate five years with the sheriff’s office in October of this year.

“Deputy Arguello sets herself above the rest by always putting forth 110% effort,” says Sgt. Carl Lyttle.

Last year, he says, the 31-year old mother of two made multiple drug arrests, received several convictions, and uncovered drugs of all schedules from what, at first, seemed like routine traffic stops.

As a current Field Training Officer, Arguello eagerly and expertly shares her experience with new hires. “She demands the best from them because she demands the best from herself,” Lyttle adds.

He also says that her sense of teamwork and devotion to other deputies sets her aside from many others.

“When others are home sleeping, she picks up the phone, gets out of her bed, and leaves her sleeping family to respond to the needs of fellow deputies.”

Sheriff Mike Breedlove shares in these sentiments.

“She has never complained about losing sleep. She has never told anyone ‘no’— not even when she has to get her kids off to school a few hours later.”

Her Costa Rican heritage and bilingual capabilities have also proven invaluable to the department on more than one occasion.

In addition to being named Deputy of the Year, the department’s annual life-saving award also bears Arguello’s name. In 2018, her heroic measures saved six lives.

“She is the ultimate mom, wife, daughter, and friend who has achieved the American Dream many of us take for granted. She is not only our Deputy of the Year, she is our hero,” Breedlove adds with pride.

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