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Pleasant View Attorney Chris Clark Resigns, Seeks More Time with Family

Chris Clark officially resigned from his position as the city’s attorney during the Pleasant View City Council workshop yesterday evening.

In a letter addressed to Mayor Perry Keenan and the rest of the board, Clark cites that the time has come for him to be home with his family.

“While I have been here at night for meetings, my wife, Krissy, has been home with our children. We have grown our family while I have been in office. The time has now come for me to be home with them,” the letter reads.

Clark began providing legal council for Pleasant View in February of 2013, bringing with him three years of related experience from his time with the state’s leading municipal defense team.

Throughout his tenure, Clark has saved tax payers thousands of dollars, helped mediate in legal matters, offered valuable advice, and guided the council on legislation that will benefit Pleasant View for decades to come, Mayor Keenan told The Post.

“Mr. Clark has been one of the best municipal attorneys and we were lucky to have had him for the past six years,” says Keenan. “His council has always been well thought-out and always in the best interest of the city.”

According to Keenan, the council will now be tasked with coming up with a “request for qualifications” and will start taking applications in mid-January. While Clark does not plan on attending any more official meetings, he says he will continue to advise local officials until a new attorney is securely in place.

“I am thankful beyond words to the mayor and those who have allowed me to serve our great town as a city official,” says Clark.

“I leave my position with gratitude.”

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