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Kilgore’s to Bring Flavor, Tradition to Pleasant View

Kilgore’s Family Restaurant, a traditional Southern-style “meat and three,” is set to open in The Pleasant View Village the second week of September.

Opening day is a day that owner Keeley Scott has dreamed of her whole life.

After spending the past 20 years in the bar and grill business, it was time to take the next step, Scott says. “When our lease was up, we intended to open up a food truck, but when we saw the space for lease in The Village, we knew it was a sign to chase this dream.”

Set to be open seven days a week, Kilgore’s will offer reasonably priced “great Southern comfort food.”

During the week, customers will find a cafeteria-style lunch setup designed to make the process speedy for those who have to return to work. “Customers will grab a tray, pick out their meat and veggies; they will then pay, get their drink of choice, and sit where they wish,” Scott says. “Food can be taken to go, or enjoyed right here— but the process will be a fast one.”

For dinner, Kilgore’s will offer a full menu from the kitchen as well as their regular meat and three options.

“The family-friendly dinnertime setting will be the perfect place for families to gather around a table and talk about their day,” says Scott, a self-taught cook who believes that family dinners are incredibly important.

While keeping things traditional is important to Scott, she plans to mix things up a bit to make sure the menu stays fresh and exciting. For example, the menu will boast a twist on BBQ and cornbread by stuffing a cornbread waffle with a variety of ingredients like cheese, bacon, onion, and jalapeños.

Additionally, the menu will showcase hand-patted burgers, numerous sandwich types, occasional steak and fish specials, and homemade pies and cobblers.

Scott has also committed to bring back the ever-popular Cluckin’ Good Brand chicken seasoning made famous by Lee Miller and Kassandra Warden of the former Pleasant View Village Diner.

One day down the road, Scott and Kilgore, proud parents of Gracie and Mikayla Kilgore, would love to build their own free-standing restaurant somewhere in Pleasant View. “We hope to outgrow where we are at one day,” Scott says.

Once they are well established, they also hope to provide a take-and-bake service, offer weekend breakfast hours, and add healthier options for those on restricted diets.

In the meantime, however, they are committed to delivering a great dining experience, and putting their hearts, souls, and plenty of flavor into every dish that they serve.

“I know I will not be able to satisfy everyone, but I will listen to my customers, take advice, and remain open to new ideas and possibilities,” says Scott.

“I do not want to disappoint the community. If something is not right, I will fix it. I want this dream to last. The community is craving something new and different- and I cannot wait to deliver.”

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