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That's the Nitty Gritty in Ashland City: Battle of the Powder Keg

There’s nothing quite like a high school football rivalry, especially here in the South. Heck, there’s nothing like football in the South. Period. The beginning of September marks the beginning of football time in Tennessee and I am more than ready. What better way to kick off Saturdays down south than with a precursor Friday night lights high school football game between inter-county rivals.

Football rivalries aren’t just teams fighting for bragging rights. They are upholding the honor of those who played before them, oftentimes their brothers, uncles, and fathers. While most rivalries are friendly, some border on all-out war because pride is on the line every single time.

This year that pride is once again on the line as the Cheatham County Cubs take on the Sycamore War Eagles to battle for total domination and the chance to walk away with the coveted powder keg, a long-standing series between the two teams that dates back to 2001. This year’s game is being played at Cheatham County Central High but no team has the home team advantage because the stands are always full and running over equally filled with fans from both sides, some in Cubs crimson, some in War Eagle blue and others like me riding the fence wearing a nondescript color that neither roots for or against either team. I can’t pick a favorite. Y’all know I love both teams plus I look good in Cubs crimson and War Eagle blue which is more than I can say for that hunter’s safety UT pumpkin orange that gets sported all over town every football season. It is definitely not in my color palate. Orange may be in your blood but it isn’t in most of y’alls color palates either.

I don’t know about y’all but I’m ready for the Battle of the Powder Keg. I’m ready to watch the boys run through giant paper signs held up by cheerleaders hoisted into the sky. I’m ready for my arms to goose-bump while the band belts the National Anthem as thousands stand silent hats in hand. I’m ready for my heart to pound as the crowd crescendos into a roar during the opening kickoff.

Ladies and gentlemen, join me Friday, August 31st at Cheatham County Central High School for a 7:30 pm kickoff between inter county rivals, Cheatham versus Sycamore where the only safe place is the sideline. Be sure to bring your popcorn, y’all because these boys are going to put on quite a show.

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