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Program Implemented to Protect Deputies, Animals

The Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office has started a program to help aid deputies when they come upon an aggressive animal.

Deputies will be issued a new tool, The Good Life Animal Repeller, to help them handle aggressive animals as well as prevent the use of deadly force when they are put in unsafe situations involving wild, rabid, or dangerous animals of all kinds.

The repeller, essentially a specially-designed whistle, is an ultrasonic device designed to scare off animals by emitting a piercing sound that is not heard by humans.

“This will be an important tool to help deputies from getting bit while performing their duties,” says Sheriff Mike Breedlove who initiated the program in response to a recent incident that involved a deputy having to shoot a dog that aggressively approached him while on a call.

"Sometimes, deputies only have seconds to react. This method will not only help our team, but it will also potentially save the lives of animals,” he adds.

On the morning of August 3, deputies tested the device during various K-9 exercises; The Good Life Animal Repeller was found to perform efficiently.

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