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Preliminary Election Results Surface, Delay in 4th District

Despite some technical issues with a voting machine in the 4th District that are stalling its results, the names of the following unofficial/uncertified winners of the Cheatham County Election have been circulating:

County Mayor: Kerry McCarver

Sheriff: Mike Breedlove

Commissioner District 1: David Anderson and Gary Binkley

Commissioner District 2: Ann Jarreau and Tim Williamson

Commissioner District 3: Chris Gilmore and Connie Mayo

Commissioner District 4: PENDING

Commissioner District 5: Dianna Lovell and Eugene Evans

Commissioner District 6: Ed Greer and Randy Liles

County Trustee: Margie Jarrell

Circuit Court Clerk: Julie Hibbs

County Clerk: Teresa Gupton

Register of Deeds: Patrick Smith

School Board District 1: Christina Gilliam

School Board District 4: James Gupton

School Board District 5: John Louallen

Constable District 1: Fred Biggs

Constable District 2: Joe Biggs

Constable District 3: Randy Mayo

Constable District 4: PENDING

Constable District 5: Larry Martin

Constable District 6: Clint Biggers

Ashland City Councilman: Chris Kerrigan

Pegram Alderman: Pat Anderson

Be sure to check back later this morning for the 4th District results as well as a complete, and official, breakdown of the final numbers.

*These results did not come from the official Cheatham County Election Commission site and have not been verified through them

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