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Two Men Arrested After Firing Pellet Gun at A.O. Smith's Guard Shack

Avras Babiry

Two men were arrested in Ashland City early Saturday morning after firing a pellet gun five times because they thought “it would be cool to make a video,” police reports say.

Just after 5:30 AM, a call came in to dispatch saying that shots were fired toward the guard shack outside of A.O. Smith.

After locating and stopping the 2009 black Chevy Impala and doing an initial search, the Ashland City Police Department discovered a Baretta pellet gun in the passenger-side door.

The driver, Avras Babiry, and passenger, Marwan Babiry, both of Nashville, told officers they “thought it would be cool” to make a video of them firing the shots; the pair claims that a video was never actually made.

The two women who were near the guard shack during the time of the incident were not harmed.

Avras Babiry was arrested for Reckless Endangerment with a Weapon, a felony. Marwan Babiry was arrested for Criminal Responsibility for Conduct of Another.

It does not appear as though drugs and/or alcohol were a factor in the incident.

Ashland City Police Chief Marc Coulon said that this was an isolated incident and that no one should worry for their safety.

Marwan Babiry

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