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Longtime Realtor Closes Pleasant View Office, Puts Family First

Angela Pickett

In a letter addressed to the community, long-time local realtor Angela Pickett says goodbye to her clients, peers, and neighbors, informing them that she has officially closed her Keller Williams Office- The Angela Pickett Team, located at 2010 Highway 49 E in Pleasant View.

To be by the side of a family member with incurable cancer, Pickett and her family moved out of state early last fall. While she continued to run her team as a non-resident broker, the distance proved to be too challenging.

Pickett writes, "Thank you for nearly a decade of trust for your real estate needs. Family is my priority. Early last fall, we moved out of state to care for an immediate family member with incurable cancer. During that time, I became a nonresident broker, allowing the business to be run from out of state, however that proved to be a difficult task."

She goes on to say, "I have missed working, yet I am very thankful that my team members were able to take care of my clients. In addition, we have a new family member. It is bittersweet that we have officially closed the The Angela Pickett Team Office. I enjoyed serving and absolutely loved giving back. Thank you again for your trust, loyalty, and support."

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