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Who is Running in the 2018 County Election?

County General Election

August 2, 2018

Alderman- Pat Anderson, Pegram

Circuit Court Clerk- Julie Hibbs, Pleasant View

County Clerk- Teresa Gupton, Ashland City

Constable (1st)- Fred Biggs Sr., Ashland City

Constable (2nd)- Joe Biggs, Ashland City

Constable (3rd)- Randy Mayo, Pleasant View

Constable (4th)- Darryl Shearon, Chapmansboro

Constable (4th)- Larry Armstrong, Chapmansboro

Constable (5th)- Larry Martin, Pegram

Constable (6th)- Clint Biggers, Kingston Springs

County Commissioner (1st)- Gary Binkley, Chapmansboro

County Commissioner (1st)- David Anderson, Ashland City

County Commissioner (1st)- Calton Blacker, Ashland City

County Commissioner (1st)- Janet Knight, Ashland City

County Commissioner (2nd)- Jack Sanders, Ashland City

County Commissioner (2nd)- Ann Felts Jarreau, Ashland City

County Commissioner (2nd)- Tim Williamson, Ashland City

County Commissioner (3rd)- Rick Wilson, Pleasant View

County Commissioner (3rd)- Connie Mayo, Chapmansboro

County Commissioner (3rd- Chris Gilmore, Pleasant View

County Commissioner (4th)- Sandra “Red” Gregory, Chapmansboro

County Commissioner (4th)- Walter Weakley, Clarksville

County Commissioner (4th)- Jere “Donnie” Jordan, Ashland City

County Commissioner (4th)- Kay Meek, Chapmansboro

County Commissioner (5th)- Diana Pike Lovell, Ashland City

County Commissioner (5th)- Eugene Evans, Pegram

County Commissioner (5th)- Jody Vann, Ashland City

County Commissioner (6th)- Aram Gupta, Kingston Springs

County Commissioner (6th)- Ed Greer, Kingston Springs

County Commissioner (6th)- Randy Liles, Kingston Springs

Mayor- Pam Jones, Ashland City

Mayor- Kerry McCarver, Pleasant View

Mayor- Dan Henderson, Ashland City

Mayor- Steven W. Stratton, Ashland City

Register of Deeds- Patrick Smith, Ashland City

Trustee- Margie Jarrell, Ashland City

Trustee- Randy Walker, Ashland City

School Board (1st)- Christina Gilliam, Ashland City

School Board (1st)- Matt Waldron, Ashland City

School Board (4th)- James Gupton, Ashland City

School Board (5th)- John Louallen, Pegram

Sheriff- Mike Breedlove, Kingston Springs

Important Dates:

Withdrawal Deadline: April 12, 2018 at Noon

Last Day to Register to Vote Before Election: July 3, 2018

Early Voting Begins: July 13, 2018

Early Voting Ends: July 28, 2018

Election: August 2, 2018

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