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Motivated Local Mother Turns Dream into LLC

Real-Life Workouts Help Busy Women Make Health a Priority

Courtney Ferrell

Recognizing the seemingly never-ending struggles of busy mothers and women who simply do not have time, child care, or financial means to make their health a priority, “fit strong mama” Courtney Ferrell has made it her passion to solve this extremely common dilemma.

What began as a hobby in August of 2017, quickly blossomed into a rapidly-growing and expanding business, Fit Strong Mama, LLC, that is currently helping upwards of 50 local women have “real life workouts” from the comfort of home.

Participants can work out with Ferrell through ZOOM conference calling three days a week, bright and early in the morning. If they aren’t able to catch her live, they can watch the recordings any time throughout the month.

An all-access pass to the popular and result-yielding workouts is $24.99 per month—“a small price to invest in yourself,” says Ferrell.

Ferrell heads up the group from the basement of her home, providing “purposeful” and “encouraging” 30-minute workouts designed to give women the power to avoid the scale and focus on their overall health.

“Weight is a number and has no ‘weight’ in who you are,” encourages Ferrell.

Officially becoming an LLC on January 1, 2018, Ferrell is already helping women all over the county build both muscle and confidence.

The group is filled with “amazing women who are learning to love working out and enjoying the process,” Ferrell says with both a sense of pride and gratitude.

“The real-life, raw, unedited workouts make women feel comfortable and not feel like they have to prove anything or feel intimidated,” says Ferrell, 36, who holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and sports management/personal training.

Committed to going above and beyond, Ferrell boasts an incredible customer support system. She reaches her ‘mamas’ through a special Facebook group and even provides one-on-one time when a little extra help and motivation is needed.

“I am a Jesus-loving mama who wants to show women they are loved and enough. I’m a ‘hot mess express’ and I want women to embrace their own ‘hotmessness’— to own that, and still find the 30 minutes to make their health a priority,” she says with her signature captivating smile.

Ferrell is a 10-year Cheatham County resident, currently living in Pleasant View with her husband Clint and their two children, Ava and Brody. All the while continuing to give her family and Jesus her all, she also somehow manages to maintain a full-time job at Master Metal Builders and finds great success with her other “side hustle,” selling SeneGence (maker of Lipsense) products. But being the go-getter she is, Ferrell still aims to have 100 women in her Fit Mama’s group by the end of the year; she would also love to see herself owning her own line of apparel.

Ferrell encourages anyone interested in Fit Strong Mama, LLC to visit

Courtney Ferrell

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