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CCCHS Creative Writing Class Interviews Brenda Willis

On Tuesday, January 23rd, Cheatham County Central High’s Creative Writing Class taught by Rick Amburgey, had the pleasure of interviewing Brenda Willis, the mother of the “Willis Clan” along with two of her daughters Jasmine and Joi. The class was excited to be receiving this opportunity thanks to Debbie Keenan from the Keenan Group, and head of the children’s paper Let’s Talk Trash.

Through Keenan, the class has had many opportunities to express their talents in the form of writing, and art.

During this interview Willis answered questions conducted by the Creative Writing class about the family’s Irish heritage, as well as family dynamic for the upcoming March issue of Lets Talk Trash which will be focused upon Irish luck!

Willis says that “Playing music brings them closer together as a family.” She also explained to us that southern hospitality originated from Irish customs along with many other interesting facts which will be found in Keenan’s Let's Talk Trash.

James Horton says, “I enjoyed the experience, and learning more about Ireland.”

Geoffrey Canada also says, “I really enjoyed hearing about Ireland and its scenery.”

It was a good experience for the class to be able to interview a woman of this caliber, and to be able to work with Ms. Keenan.

Finally, we would like to sincerely thank Mr. Debbie Keenan for being part of our cub family.

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