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County High Schools 'Locked Out' for Drug Sweep

In response to concerns of illicit activity on local high school campuses, the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office implemented a county-wide drug search earlier this morning.

“Operation Safe Shield” put all three high schools into lock-out mode so K-9 officers from multiple agencies could conduct a coordinated drug search. Agents from Robertson County, Montgomery County, and Tennessee Department of Corrections worked alongside local authorities to search the interior and exterior of the schools for illegal substances.

This morning’s drug search was part of an ongoing collaborative and preventive effort by both the sheriff’s office and school administration. Their goal is to convince students that drugs and alcohol have no place on school property and that there are consequences for those involved in illegal and unsafe behavior.

“All parents and guardians can be assured that Cheatham leaders want the most safe environment in every school,” says Sheriff Mike Breedlove.

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