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Case Solved

A few months ago, I ordered a set of wireless ear buds online from Apple, an extravagant splurge but I needed them for my gym time. If I had to untangle those blamed headset cords one more time before my workout, I was going to go all Donald Trump angry tweeting on some fellow gym goer. Honestly, it was more a purchase to safeguard my mental health and all y’alls safety well-being than an extravagant splurge. The package delivered to my door contained one small white bubble shaped oval which held two tiny Apple ear buds and no tangled wire mess. I popped them in and went for a walk. Fantastic. I could now run or my slow-moving snail-paced version of running uninhibited by pesky wires. I continued using them for weeks popping them in and out of the small white container I kept hidden away in the console of my car.

On New Year’s Day, I pulled into the gym parking lot to work off the chicken tacos and cheese dip my sister Melinda served up at her house New Year’s Eve and reached into my console. No ear buds. Thinking I must have dropped them into my purse after a workout from a few weeks before, I riffled through my catch all Boho bag and came up empty. The search which continued through my glove box, under the car seats and inside the trunk turned up nothing. Since I can’t work out without “gangsta” rap bumping in my earbuds, I said forget it and figured all my squatting and stretching looking for the things constituted a workout any way.

Where in the world were my earbuds?? I did take a little holiday hiatus from the gym so pinpointing the last time I used them was difficult but as I mentally retraced my steps, every one of them led right back to dropping that round white container into my console. My question now changed from where in the world were they to who in the world took them. Was it the young freckled faced valet parking attendant working his way through school? Was it the high school kid who washed all the salt off my car when the road department thought we were going to get snow? My goodness, surely it wasn’t my girl Tiffani the night we delivered Christmas toy drive presents? I channeled my inner Sherlock Holmes and spent the better part of 2018 trying to figure out who had stolen the brand-new earbuds right out of my car. At this point, everyone was suspect and I determined to crack the case.

A few nights ago, after what I must say was one the best crockpot roasts I’ve ever made, I fished around in my make up bag for some dental floss and pulled out a small white bubble shaped oval not filled with floss but with two tiny Apple earbuds. Who in the world would have put them there?

Oh yeah, me..that one morning I showered at the gym. Case solved.

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