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Plans for Pleasant View High-rise Hotel Move Forward

The skyline in Pleasant View is about to see a major change after city officials voted to move forward on a proposal for a four-story hotel to be built by a national chain. Board of Zoning Appeals members Donetta Hedges, Martha Kirby, Dan Saylor, and Fred Nordquist voted unanimously to approve a motion for a variance which would allow the hotel to be built to the height of four stories and 60 feet. Board member Jennifer Noe was not present at the meeting.

The location of the property for the planned development is two-acre plot near the intersection of Highways 49 and 41-A, according to the developer’s application to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Zoning officials considered nine criteria when discussing the variance, including possible increases in congestion, issues over property values, or fire safety concerns. Derek Noe, Pleasant View Fire Chief, said his department would like to work on a plan to purchase a ladder truck in the future. A ground ladder truck is already in use in the department, Noe said.

“The purchase of a new ladder truck would need to be a joint venture,” Noe said. “Right now, we have an aid agreement with Ashland City Fire Department, who could respond with a ladder truck” in the event one was needed.

While the building would have approximately 13 sprinklers and multiple exits in case of a fire or other emergency as required by codes, the plans for the hotel would need to be reviewed by the state fire marshal’s office for any other requirements, according to Mark Goins, Building Commissioner.

Perry Keenan, Pleasant View Mayor, said the hotel construction is expected to take roughly 10 to 12 months, and would likely begin after the property sale is finalized in early summer.

The development is expected to help bring in more businesses to the already-growing community. “This is a game changer for the city and Cheatham County. It would be the largest hotel facility in the county, and would be able to service corporate meetings for A. O. Smith, Lowe’s, and other larger clients,” Keenan explained.

In addition to corporate functions, Misty Keenan, Executive Director, Cheatham County Chamber of Commerce, said this facility will help land athletic tournaments which have previously been lost to other cities with larger lodging capabilities. Keenan, who worked closely with the developer, hotel corporate officials, and realtors to bring this hotel development to Pleasant View, explained that the stakeholders were “really impressed with the design standards of the city,” and how those standards meshed well with the hotel chain’s standards.

In the image below, C3 marks the proposed location for the high-rise hotel in Pleasant View

C3 is the location of the proposed high-rise hotel in Pleasant View

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