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Bank Robbery Suspects Apprehended by Cheatham County Agents

At approximately 2:30PM yesterday afternoon, Lt. Shannon Heflin with the Cheatham County Sheriff's Office and EMS Director Dan Schaeffer were near the Cheatham/Davidson line working on an unrelated case when dispatched to the possible location of the bank robbery suspect’s vehicle on Delray Ave. and Illinois Ave. in Nashville.

Heflin and Schaeffer were tasked with locating the vehicle and providing surveillance while the FBI Clarksville Field Office and FBI Nashville Field Office special agents responded along with Metro Nashville police.

During this time, a black 4-door Lexus pulled up at the location and parked behind the purple Cadillac CTS tied to the Pegram bank robbery.

At this time, known suspect Joshua Thompson exited the vehicle and approached a residence on Illinois Ave.

In fear the suspects would flee and create an unsafe environment for the public, Heflin and Schaeffer blocked them in and activated their emergency lights.

The second suspect, Jeremey Mosely, was in the driver’s seat of the Lexus and began reaching into his pockets. Thompson was coming across the yard and also fidgeting with items in his pocket.

Both suspects were instructed to show their hands and were searched for officer safety.

During the search, Lt. Heflin located a large sum of money in Mosley’s pockets. Serial numbers were compared to marked bills from Community Bank & Trust, and a match was made.

The money was then returned to Mosley to pacify the suspects as they were showing signs of anxiety and the urge to flee.

FBI agents and the Metro Police West Flex Unit arrived on the scene and assisted with the investigation.

Further inspection of the money located on Mosley revealed 16 of the serial numbers matching the money from the robbery.

The suspects were then transported to Metro West so interviews could be conducted.

Subjects were uncooperative and placed under arrest.

Metro Sgt. Jeff Brown arranged transport to the Cheatham County Jail where both suspects are currently being held awaiting a bond hearing.

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