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O’Reilly Auto Parts Slated for 2019 Arrival in Pleasant View

The site plan for O’Reilly Auto Parts was unanimously approved at the November 28 Pleasant View Planning Commission meeting. Pleasant View’s latest addition will be constructed on Highway 41-A in the Ren Mar Center adjacent to the new Burger King and Dollar General.

While the finishing touches are being put on the building plans, the project is in a holding pattern on the city’s side. Once the completed plans are submitted, however, “they should not take more than 30 days to go through the approval process,” according to Mayor Perry Keenan.

Andrew Sherrill, the O’Reilly’s project manager assigned to the Pleasant View location, says that the project’s timeline could run through August of 2019. According to Sherrill, the store design will boast approximately 7, 225 square feet and have a masonry block exterior.

Sherill also expressed his excitement for the new construction and their desire to be an asset to the Pleasant View area.

“We build all of our new stores on a delivery route of a main hub so that our commitment to our clients to have a quick turnaround, usually within 24 hours, can be upheld,” says Sherrill, who says the O’Reilly team operates with the best interest of their communities in mind.

“We aim to be a benefit to the ‘do-it-yourselfers’ and local auto shops alike,” Sherrill adds.

Pleasant View’s building commissioner, Mark Goins, agrees. "They should be an asset to the community and will provide a needed addition to the commercial district. I am very pleased that they have chosen Pleasant View for their expansion,” he says.

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