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Want to be a Christmas Elf for Local Teachers?

Would you consider being a Christmas Elf, helping to share the Christmas spirit with local teachers by bringing teachers a holiday treat one Wednesday during the Christmas season?

You would take a simple goodie (cookies, peppermints, holiday-flavored coffee creamer, Chex mix, peppermint hot chocolate mix, candy canes, spiced tea, a holiday-themed veggie tray…) along with a note of encouragement for the teachers.

Ask the school receptionist where you should put the treats and ask her to send an email to the teachers telling them that there are treats to enjoy. You might also choose to silently pray for teachers and students that day.

Would you like to be one of the Christmas Elves? We are happy to help deliver your goodies to school if you are unable to do it during the school day.

Check out the attached link to choose the date and school you would like to help:

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