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Letter to the Editor

Our modern day electronic technology of the world being used for communications by the public as a whole is astronomical in depth with different ways to let people receive the news of the day with up dates every five minutes if necessary. What is so amazing to me is the oddity of the number of people that are informed with the wrong information, but think they are in the know but are misguided with fake information. I've had people saying to me that Trumps Lies. I ask what about? Most times it's numbers that varies on different channels. You know like polls numbers, amounts of money or percentages of things talked about on several channels. Trump should have quoted all channels where he would not be called a liar. Most times people could not remember the lie.

I have a sign on my car that reads Trump in 2016 Stop the BS. A man while working noticed the sign. He asked, do you think Trump will get out of trouble? Trump is not in any trouble that I know of. The man said, what about Russia? What about Russia I said? The man said he is doing business with the Russians. Trump's children is running his business while he is president. I said you want find anyone that will spend their own money campaigning and give up millions of dollars a year to be president. I told the man he was misinformed and had been watching the wrong news net work. I say to him get a new source of information. I leave and start pondering over what just happened. I started feeling sorry for the working man because I'm retired and can watch several channels and can cipher out the good from the bad. I also have the time to vest the News. The working people has not the time but has to believe what he has seen and heard from the fake news channel. While thinking some more about Fake News it's exactly what Fake News intended to happen. This is why more than one channel is fake News as not too leave any base uncovered.

I think that all News Medias and this includes papers should take pride in them selves with moral rights and refuse to report fake, and bias news. I believe congress should make a new law to protect these people and can't be fired when they refused to report the fake. This is what greats amounts of money create in a modern tech society. Fake news is spewed and written by employees who are afraid of loosing their jobs if they don't report. Afraid of loosing their jobs so they become part of fake News. If we repeat Fake News after seeing and reading Fake News then we all become part of Fake News and for what purpose. The Truth also comes to the top at sometime.

Fred W. Campbell, Ashland City

*Letters to the editor do NOT reflect the views, opinions, or beliefs of The Post or its staff

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