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Support Cheatham Businesses on 'Small Business Saturday'

This year, Saturday, November 25th is "Small Business Saturday." The day, recognized across America, is designated to promote local commerce and to show support for small business owners everywhere.

An annual shopping event, Small Business Saturday was adopted to fall on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, allowing it to take place during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year.

There are plenty of benefits to support businesses around the county and small businesses everywhere:

1. Your tax dollars will remain in the community and enhance the local economy

2. Small businesses create a sense of community, adding charm and character to the place you call home

3. Small businesses create jobs and often boast a family-like environment to work in

4. You can receive a more personalized experience at a small business

5. Small businesses tend to support other small businesses, purchasing locally-sourced ingredients or products from each other

6. They dictate their own operations, oftentimes having more flexibility with pricing, inventory, and procedure

7. Small business owners are usually experts in their field, offering consumers valuable solutions

8. You are supporting someone's dream and contributing to their livelihood

If you find yourself unable to help small businesses by making a purchase, take a minute to promote your favorite small business on social media, give them a positive rating, or share what you love about them with friends and family.

Saturday, and as many other days possible, have breakfast at a local restaurant, take a class at a local gym, buy your wine at a locally-owned liquor store, get your groceries at an independently-owned market, choose local craftspeople or tradesmen when you buy gifts or need a project completed, order your holiday treats through a local bakery, and unwind after a long day with a massage from a local therapist.

It is easier than you think, and one small business choice per day can have a huge impact on not only the local economy, but to someone's dream.

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