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PVVFD Bids Farewell to Beloved Lieutenant

In January of 2018, the National Fire Sprinkler Association will gain a new Membership Relations Coordinator. However, the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department will say goodbye to Lt. Abbie Boeing, the department’s Fire and Life Safety Coordinator, and respected, decorated, and treasured member of the team. ​

Boeing says the decision to leave was difficult, but she has always wanted to work in life safety on a national level. So, when the opportunity presented itself, it was “too great to pass up.”

“This job will help me both grow as a person and in my career,” says Boeing. “I am excited to see where this takes me, and I am eager to work with this team to help protect both lives and property.”

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Boeing attended Eastern Kentucky University where she received her bachelors degree in Fire Science Engineering and Technology. Upon graduating, she moved to Pleasant View to begin a career in the profession she refers to as both enthusiastic and caring.

Since coming aboard the PVVFD in June of 2011, Boeing has been responsible for fire safety within schools, businesses, and throughout their entire service area. She also played a large role in event planning and keeping the department active within the community. She was promoted to lieutenant in January of 2016.

“I have loved my time with the PVVFD and working in close-knit communities,” says Boeing who will head to Maryland at the end of December. “Pleasant View has become home to me, and I will miss it dearly along with those whom I've come to know and work with over the years.”

While it is certain Lt. Boeing will be missed and difficult to replace, the department fully supports her decision to chase her dreams. PVVFD Chief PJ Duncan says that she has been both an “asset and a blessing” to the department and community.

“Over the past seven years, she has taken our fire prevention and community relationships to the next level. There are not many kids in our school system that don’t know Miss Abbie. We support her move as she is headed to the national level to make a difference,” Duncan says.

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