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Sheriff Releases Update on Recent Threat to Schools

Cheatham Citizens and Parents,

We want to update you on the investigation of the threat last Friday. The information received by Ashland City PD was a post placed on Craigslist and was posted to someone from out of state.

The post was forwarded which caused us concern enough to investigate and place all schools on what is called a “soft lockdown” meaning no disruption to the school’s operation but putting visible security in place as a precaution while under preliminary investigation.

The threat was not directed to any school but appeared to be a person “venting” that someone should shoot up a church in Montgomery Co and a school in Ashland City. The unknown person did not say why and GAVE NO STATEMENT OR DIRECT THREAT that they were going to do a shooting but wanted no one in particular to go and do it. We felt it necessary to take proper steps while the investigation was in its early stage.

State, local, and federal agencies have been working throughout the weekend on leads and continue to follow any new information to the identity of who made the Craigslist post.

There will be an officer present at Cheatham schools just as a precaution, and we want you to know it is safe for your children to return, learn, and have a good Thanksgiving week.

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