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Ward One Write-In Candidates Address Voters in Pre-election Forum

Anderson, Beasley, Pletcher

Hot topics, areas of concern, and plans for the future were all part of Thursday night’s forum that gave all three write-in candidates the chance to prove to voters why they are best suited for the Ward I seat on the Ashland City Council.

Daniel Anderson, Candice Beasley, and Guy “Mick” Pletcher are all taking their chances at write-in candidacy, as Ward I was left without a candidate after the deadline passed. The three hopeful candidates joined members of the community, Mayor Rick Johnson, Pleasant View Mayor Perry Keenan, and District Attorney Ray Crouch, Jr. at the Ashland City Senior Center where the forum was held.

Patrick Smith moderated the non-partisan event. Amy Nixon, editor of the Ashland City Times, was tasked with asking candidates the pre-selected questions.

To start the evening, Anderson, Beasley, and Pletcher were given an opportunity to share short opening statements. Candidates then took turns responding, in equal amounts of time, to questions on topics like the city’s strengths and weaknesses, property regulations, the responsibilities of a city council member, city growth caused by Nashville “overflow,” and areas of concern within government that need more attention.

Ward 1 Write-in Candidates

Anderson discussed the need for individuals, including students, not wanting to attend college to have formal training in a specialized field or vocational study.

Bealsey touched on the needs of underprivileged children who often do not have food and care outside of school hours.

Pletcher spoke on the importance of training to ensure members of the community are keeping up with modern technology.

All three candidates expressed the need for more law enforcement and fire department personnel, improved road and parking lot conditions, plans for continued growth pertaining to housing, and the need for a multi-purpose facility for youth and families.

As write-in candidates, Anderson, Beasley, and Pletcher will not appear on the ballot in the December 2 election; they can, however, be written in by voters.

Tim Adkins and incumbent Roger Jackson are running unopposed for Ward 2 and Ward 3 respectively.

The term for a city council member is four years.

Forum Attendees

Lisa Walker, Amy Nixon, Patrick Smith

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