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The Mission to Bring Christmas to Booneville Begins

In late August, the stylists of The Shop of Pleasant View traveled 250 miles to a small Appalachian town in Kentucky to donate haircuts to the citizens of Booneville, Kentucky. For some of the Booneville residents, it was their first haircut. For the team at the Shop, it was their first experience witnessing life without running water and electricity, and visiting a community where 76-percent of the population lives on welfare.

After her initial trip, Heather Hardwick, owner of The Shop, vowed to come up with more ways to help the people of this dire town where most residents live in extreme poverty and in “shocking conditions.” After teaming up with The Post and working with the local mission, the idea of spreading some holiday cheer around Booneville was born.

According to Vanessa Garland at the mission there, the immediate need for the 2017 holiday season is within the middle school age group where there are currently 372 students in grades 6th-12th.

Beginning November 1, donations are being taken for stuffed stockings to be given to each and every middle school student in Booneville.

Stockings and their contents should be gender neutral. These children do not have running water or electricity, so contributions should be made while keeping this in mind.

Some ideas for filling the stockings are: hats, gloves, small pillows, candles, card games, toiletries, batteries, wet wipes, mirrors, scarves, magazines, and books.

Those not wishing to stuff stockings themselves may still help the cause by donating cash or grocery/superstore gift cards so that a team of volunteers can purchase needed items to fill stockings.

Through December 8, stockings and/or donations can be dropped off at The Shop of Pleasant View, Alinora and the Pioneer Diner located in The Village, and At Home Realty in Ashland City. More locations will be added throughout the month of November.

School classrooms, churches, and businesses are also encouraged to get involved in this project.

Please contact or call 615-418-1709 with any questions.

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