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The Post's Business Spotlight: Branded, LLC

Bringing 25 years of industry experience with them to their new storefront in Pleasant View, the Deserable family is eager to get businesses, organizations, and people with an idea, “Branded.” Proudly offering specialty monogramming, superior patch design, high-quality screen printing, direct-to-garment printing, professional sewing, and alterations of any type, the team at Branded believes strongly in customer service, delivering an outstanding product, and helping clients accomplish their mission- no matter the size or required detail of the job.

Their motto, “Let Your Imagination Be Our Guide,” is an accurate statement on how they run their business. Customers are encouraged to bring in a thought, idea, or even a sketch, and the Branded team will use their vast array of skills and creative talents to bring each vision to life.

Shirts, hats, blankets, sport’s jerseys, flags, baby items, and even koozies- you name it- Branded can help customers send a message, get recognized, and make any gift more unique.

Having brand recognition, according to Bobbi, provides legitimacy and trust for businesses and organizations. “Plus, you are advertising wherever you go,” she says.

Some of their more impressive assignments have been an order of 7,000 patches for Eagles of War, battle flags that have actually been taken into war zones, and PT shirts for Fort Campbell soldiers.

Insistent on using top-of-the-line materials, the only thread that makes it into the machines are by Madiera and Gunold. Able to strongly hold up against age and washing, products are sure to last longer and look “new” despite normal wear and tear.

Experienced and trained in retail sales and the wholesale market, Branded also proudly boasts both local and international clients. While their products may travel far and wide, the Cheatham County-based team remains anchored in their shop located in the Ren Mar shopping center behind Sidelines Grill.

While Branded may be owned by the Deserables, the rest of the team fits right in and consider themselves to be a part of the family. The six of them, a true model of the perfect work family, deem it important to have a strong relationship. With this in mind, Bobbi encourages them to all sit around the break room table and have lunch together every afternoon.

“It gives us all a chance to communicate, catch up, and even vent if we need to,” she says. “The concept of family spills over into everything we do around here. We have a good team.”

Jane Wayne, the family’s Australian Shepard who comes to the shop with them every day, is joined by Shelby, their quirky cockatoo. Having the two pets around loosens up the atmosphere and enhances the prominent family theme.

After spending many years in Cheatham County, the Deserables found themselves living in Florida, caring for elderly parents. It was then that the dream began; Bobbie and Stephanie embroidered competition clothing, horse blankets, and made awards at local horse shows. Before they knew it, though, they outgrew that arena and opened up their first storefront, Stitches and Scribbles.

Fast forward to Christmas-time last year, and the talented trio moved back to Tennessee, and settled their personal lives, as well is their business, into the Pleasant View area in February of 2017.

Even though they have not been back in the area for very long, Bobbie and her team are anxious to get involved with the Cheatham Chamber of Commerce, the North Cheatham Civitan Club, and other causes that reflect their investment in the community.

According to Bobbi, sewing classes may be on the horizon for Branded. For now, though, they will focus on further settling in to their new-to-them space, launching their website, and turning ideas into durable products that make a statement.

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