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CMS, KSES named “Reward Schools”

Two Cheatham County schools were named “Reward Schools” on Friday by the Tennessee Department of Education.

Cheatham Middle School and Kingston Springs Elementary School were among the 169 schools statewide to achieve the honor.

Reward Schools are those in the top 5 percent of schools for academic achievement and the top 5 percent for student growth.

CMS was honored for student growth (Reward Growth), while KSES was recognized for academic achievement (Reward Performance).

“This is a wonderful honor for Cheatham Middle and Kingston Springs Elementary,” said Director of Schools Dr. Cathy Beck. “There was a lot of hard work that went into achieving this recognition, and we want to celebrate our educators and students for this great accomplishment. We hope to continue this success as we move the district forward.”

Schools earn a Reward Performance status if its one-year success rates for the “All Students” group are in the top five percent of schools in the same pool. Reward Progress designation means a school’s one-year TVAAS school composite score for growth places them in the top five percent of schools in the same pool.

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