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Commission Seeks Public Input in Recognizing Mayfield's Contributions to Cheatham

The Cheatham County Commission is asking for the public's input on ways to honor the numerous contributions the late John E Mayfield made across the county.

During last night's regularly scheduled Commission meeting, several commissioners voiced their support for something "substantial" to be done in Mayfield's memory. One suggestion made was the renaming of County Services Road at the Cheatham County Public Library. The citizens of Cheatham are encouraged to come up with other possibilities.

"We should definitely recognize the enormous contributions that John made to so many areas of Cheatham County," says Mayor Kerry McCarver.

Suggestions can be submitted to any commissioner or to the mayor's office. The Calendar and Rules Committee will review all suggestions at its Nov. 2 meeting at 6 PM in the EOC room at the courthouse.

The committee will make its recommendation to the full Commission during the meeting scheduled for November 20.

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