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Littleton Scholarship Board Names New Member

Littleton Scholarship Board picture from L to R: Elizabeth Littleton, Linda Klingmann, Sarah Durham

(NASHVILLE) – State Representative Mary Littleton (R–Dickson) announced today that the board of the Littleton Scholarship Fund has added a new member — Cheatham County resident Linda Klingmann — following the passing of previous board member Ray Crouch, Sr.

The Littleton Scholarship was established by Representative Littleton in 2012 to help those in the local community acquire the skills needed to find good paying jobs and to help retrain those seeking to better themselves through new employment.

The scholarship money is designed to be used in conjunction with state and federal financial aid to cover a year of tuition, books, and supplies, with the option of reapplying for a second year of aid.

A Cheatham County resident for 12 years and an employee of the Tennessee legislature for 20, Klingmann joins fellow board members Elizabeth Littleton and Sarah Durham. The board of the Littleton Scholarship Fund is responsible for choosing yearly scholarship recipients.

“Given the high stress and demands of today’s job market, every opportunity must be made so local families can meet their required schooling expenses and get into the workforce,” Littleton said. “I am happy to provide the funding for these scholarships so that individuals get the training they need in order to secure employment and take care of their families. I am proud to have Linda join our team, and look forward to working with her this year and into the future.”

Mary Littleton serves as a member of the House State Government Committee and Subcommittee, as well as the House Criminal Justice Committee. She lives in Dickson and represents District 78, which includes all of Cheatham and a portion of Dickson Counties. She can be reached by calling (615) 741-7477 or emailing

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