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Goldbricking: A New SRO Tradition

There are many traditions in Cheatham County that go way back when it comes to bragging rights among schools. Many people know about the battle for the powder keg, or golden axe, etc.

The middle schools have SRO’s (School Resource Officer) now, so why not start a new tradition with them too? This football season, the Sycamore Middle School (SMS) vs. Cheatham Middle School (CMS) game was held at Cheatham Middle School on September 19.

CMS beat SMS, 16 to 12. This win gave Deputy Steve Wright, the SRO at CMS, possession of the gold brick.

Why the gold brick you ask? It is an old term that means effort was not applied.

Goldbricking is the practice of doing less work than one is able to while maintaining the appearance of working. The term originates from the confidence trick of applying a gold coating to a brick of worthless metal. While it may appear industrious on the surface, in reality, it is less valuable.

The SRO that loses becomes the goldbricker, and the winning SRO gets to keep the gold brick for bragging rights until the next time the rival teams play against each other.

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