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JR Rogers' Memorial Shirts to Benefit Cheatham Football

Not only will purchasing a JR Rogers memorial shirt help raise awareness for the Move Over Law, it will also generate funds for a local football program.

Shirts can be purchased for just $20, and all proceeds will go directly to the Cheatham County Cubs.

This is the final call for the shirts, as they must be ordered by October 2; visit order.

Rogers worked for the Tennessee Department of Transportation as a Help Operator and was struck while changing a flat tire for a motorist on I40 in Nashville last year. As a result of the Christmas Eve accident, Rogers tragically passed away a few days later.

With Cheatham County Central High School being Rogers' alma mater and where he coached football, the team was fittingly chosen by Rachel Cunningham, Rogers' girlfriend who spearheaded the project, to receive the proceeds of the shirt sales.

The Move Over Law, which passed in 2006, requires motorists to move over and change lanes to give emergency personnel safe clearance to perform their duties. Tennessee was the 30th state to establish a law that creates a safety zone for those whose workplace is often the side of the highway such as police, firefighters, and utility workers like Rogers.

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