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Beasley Write-In Candidate in Upcoming AC Election

Candice Beasley has added herself as a write-in candidate for the upcoming Ashland City Council election. After the deadline passed last week to file petitions for each of the three open seats up for vote on December 2, Ward 1 was left without a candidate.

As a write-in for Ward 1, Beasley, former owner of Old South Burgers and Sunrise Cafe, will not appear on the ballot but she can be written in by voters. If there are no other write-in candidates, Beasley will be awarded the open seat.

“I was shocked to see that no one had put in a petition for my district. I decided to take my own advice that I am always giving to others and step up to the plate for my community. Well, that is if they will have me,” says Beasley, a 13-year Ashland City resident.

“I love my town and want to help it any way I possibly can,” Beasley adds.

Also running unopposed, Tim Adkins returned a petition for Ward 2, and incumbent Roger Jackson returned a petition for Ward 3.

The election will take place on December 2. Elected officials will take office shortly thereafter, and serve a four-year term.

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