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Greer Presents Coveted Ax to Cubs After Rivalry Win

A Jennifer L Jones Photo

Eight-year old Ethan Greer, son of the late Daniel Greer and Pleasant View resident Stacy Greer, presented the ax bearing his father’s name to the Cheatham County Cubs on September 15 after they won the Battle for Sams Creek with a 52-0 win over Harpeth.

Daniel was a US Marine who was tragically killed in action in 2010, and the man that Sams Creek Road, the road between Harpeth and Cheatham, is named after. The ax was chosen for the rivalry battle because he was also a local firefighter.

Ethan, a third-grade student at Pleasant View Elementary School, has the honor of presenting the ax to the winning team of the rivalry battle each year.

"I love it when my dad is remembered. It was like the best day ever and I loved it. The ax I gave out was actually real; it was really shiny. It was the best day of my life," says Ethan.

(Photo by: Jennifer L Jones)

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