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No Pain, No Gain: Celebrating 10 Years of Snap Fitness

Since they opened their doors in Ashland City in September of 2007, Snap Fitness owners Jay and Jacquie Hennessy have endured the devastating flood of 2010 and subsequently suffered from other setbacks due to a delayed relocation. However, you wouldn't know it today.

Now, as they celebrate their milestone ten-year anniversary, they are able to reflect back upon their journey with full hearts and the drive to plunge headfirst into the future.

“We pray that as we continue to strive to bring our members the best in health, fitness, and wellness, they’ll continue to support our small business,” says Jacquie.

Showcasing countless upgrades, additions, and improvements since the flood and the move, the current mood found at Snap Fitness is nothing shy of motivating, positive, and innovative. And, in the fresh paint on the walls, behind the faces on the mural, in the weight of every dumbbell, and in the hearts of the Hennessy’s, perseverance shines through.

In the massive 6,300 square-foot gym, members will find a full-service, 24-hour fitness center that offers a wide array of classes, state-of-the-art equipment, and personal training. And to cater to their 200-plus senior members whose membership dues are automatically waved, Snap Fitness offers an abundance of specialized classes geared toward those in their golden years.

Helping members of the community lead healthy lives is priority for the Hennessy’s and their dedicated team.

Daniel McCaffrey, personal trainer and instructor, has been with Snap Fitness since 2014. McCaffrey also has the task of managing the facility- something he is extraordinarily good at, according to the Hennessy’s who say that his hard work is the reason they are continually praised for their cleanliness and top-notch equipment.

Each adding their own flare and expertise in the group class setting, Dawn Roberson, Aime Carter, Michelle Neil, Ray Hicks, Larry Roberts, and Calton Blacker all help make up the Snap Fitness family. Jacquie herself also dabbles in instruction, teaching a variety of classes like Senior Fitness and Yoga.

“We truly make a difference in peoples’ lives and deliver results. This is only possible because we deeply care about the health and wellness of our community, members, customers, and friends,” Jacquie says.

Invested in their surrounding communities, Jay and Jacquie sponsor numerous events throughout the year and donate to various charities. “One event that is especially important to us – Jay’s mom is both a breast and colon cancer survivor -- is Pink Out For Hope’s Booby Bolt in Pleasant View,” says Jacquie. “And one of our dear friends and members, Leanne Pulley, has a special and eternal place in our hearts. During last year’s Pink Out events at Snap Fitness, we dedicated our Spin Studio, which she loved so much, to Leanne,” she adds.

In honor of their hard-earned milestone anniversary, the team at Snap Fitness is offering membership deals, personal training package discounts, and discounted class rates.

The Hennessy’s are the proud parents of five children: Destiny Hennessy (37), Erica Johnston (28), Michael Hennessy (25), Megan Hennessy (soon to be Thomas) (23), and Connor Hennessy (20); they have two dogs, and five cats.

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