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Protesters Stand Down Without Incident

A small protest took place at the Calvary Baptist Church in Joelton yesterday evening.

Protesters expressing their beliefs and support for Project Frontlines, a movement that demands the “abolition of abortion,” showed up to the Cheatham County church in hopes of getting their information/message out to as many people as possible.

The church was hosting their annual Reformation Preaching Conference at which pastors, educators, and subject experts from a variety of churches, ministries, and seminaries were scheduled to speak. Authorities believe that the protest had nothing to do with the church itself, however, it was an attractive location due to the high volume of attendees.

When the church asked security to have the protesters removed, they refused. After some research and contacting the necessary bodies who deemed it trespassing, the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office was called out to the scene.

Once asked to leave by deputies, the group decided to avoid any further disruption and possible consequences and left without incident.

Authorities say that although the numbers were few and the protest was calm, there were concerning traffic hazards, including children close to the busy roadway.

Sources say that protesters appeared to be from Davidson and Sumner counties.

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