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Settlement Reached in Lawsuit Filed by Former Cheatham Inmate

The lawsuit filed in response to three Cheatham County deputies allegedly using excessive force and violating the civil rights of an inmate last November was settled and voluntarily dismissed earlier today.

The exact terms and monetary amount of the settlement awarded to former inmate Jordan Norris are to remain confidential, according to attorneys.

The settlement of the federal lawsuit is not connected to the criminal case made against Mark Bryant, the deputy who was indicted earlier this month on four counts of aggravated assault and one count of official misconduct for his use of a Taser on Norris while he was restrained.

Ben Raybin, one of Norris’ attorneys, stated that there are federal laws put into place to compensate citizens who have their civil right violated. It ls also designed to hold law enforcement accountable, he said.

"A settlement was reached because of the unfortunate incident that happened in our facility. We have become better from this, and only want to go forward in protecting the citizens from crime and criminals,” said Sheriff Mike Breedlove.

“I also want to ensure the inmates housed in our jail will always be treated in protective manner and no inhumane action will ever be tolerated,” Breedlove added.

In a statement released by Raybin, he stated that Norris continues to struggle from the incident.

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