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Treasures From the Past Offer Promising Future for Viv & Dickey’s

Although opening day for Joelton’s newest store front was September 1, the dream of Viv & Dickey’s Oldies and Goodies was born nearly two decades ago when owners Melanie and Phillip Ruiz met at a Greyhound bus station clear on the other side of the country.

It was 1998, and the scene was sunny San Bernardino, California where Melanie caught Phillip’s eye with her overflowing tote of records, a life-long interest of his. He was in the Army heading back to Tennessee, and she was heading home to Ohio to attend college.

After spending four days on the bus together, their lives were forever changed.

Their interests aligned like the stars, and their personalities complimented each other like vintage vinyl and an old cardboard sleeve. And together, they became Viv & Dickey’s.

From vintage knick-knacks from the 1940's to the unique and kitschy items that found their popularity in the 1990s, Viv & Dickey’s truly aims to offer something for everyone.

History hunters can expect to find a wide variety of vintage clothing for men and women; they also proudly showcase unique gowns and hard-to-find accessories.

And records. They have lots, and lots of records. Music lovers can also find an extensive collection of tapes, CD’s, and music memorabilia. As a bonus, to add to the excitement and thrill of finding such rarities and further enhance the vintage culture, they will also make purchases and trades.

“We are excited to bring a new type of shopping experience to Cheatham County,” Phillip says. “We chose this location because of its proximity to Metro Nashville and truthfully, there is a shortage of places in Cheatham County where the youth and young adults can congregate- and maybe even learn something. More than anything, we want a place for our community that we can be proud of.”

As long as Melanie and Phillip have been living in wedded bliss, they have been collecting and selling vintage, collectables, clothing, and kitsch. Melanie, a proud member of the Vintage Fashion Guild and the brains behind the store, according to her husband, brings with her decades of industry-related experience. In the 1990s, she was a powerhouse in the estate sale world and has built quite a reputation in vintage clothing sales over the years. Phillip, a self-labeled “record nerd,” has been collecting and selling records since the 80’s, which has led to the extensive selection at Viv & Dickey’s.

“The fact that Indie record stores are becoming a thing again got me really excited because that is how I got turned on to so many bands I wouldn't have otherwise heard,” says Phillip. “Record stores, in my opinion, are one of the most important stores for youth to form their opinions of music. They allow them have a chance to hold and listen to something different from their norm.”

Since they moved to Pleasant View in 2011, Melanie and Phillip are proud to call it home and the place where they raise their two daughters. Despite being busy with the store, Melanie somehow finds time to make alterations and repairs to the marching band uniforms for Sycamore High School were their two daughters attend.

Want to take a trip down memory lane without having to build a time machine? Pay them a visit at 1262 Jackson Felts Road in Joelton and help support their dream. The doors will be open Monday through Sunday from 11 AM - 7 PM with the exception of being closed on Thursdays.

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