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How to Protect Your Identity

Identity theft, a crime where a thief steals your personal information, is continually on the rise. There are ways to protect yourself from identity theft.

Please make sure not to carry your social security card in your wallet and only give your number out when it is mandatory. Always review your credit card and bank account statements and watch for unauthorized transactions.Create passwords that identity thieves cannot guess easily. Also, make sure to review your credit report once a year to make sure no new accounts have been opened.

There are different types of identity theft that can affect you. Child Identity theft may go undetected for decades and create problems once the child becomes an adult. Tax identity theft is where thieves falsely file taxes using social security numbers. If IRS records show that you received wages from an unknown employer or that multiple returns have been filed, you may be a victim.

Always be mindful to protect your identity. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Extension Agent April Glover at 615-792-4420 or UT-TSU Cheatham County Extension Office 162 County Services Drive, Suite 110, Ashland City,Tennessee.

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