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PV Sees First-Day Donation Success

Pleasant View City Hall was bustling with generosity all day today, as city officials and staff members worked hard to sort and load the numerous donations that came through the doors not only from members of immediate areas of the community, but from other counties as well.

"The team at City Hall really rolled up their sleeves and dug in today," said Mayor Perry Keenan. "Everyone has just been so helpful and kind."

Starting as early as 8 AM Thursday morning, Pleasant View City Hall will once again be open and staffed to take on more donations; they will remain open until approximately 7:00 PM. The same hours will apply for Friday, September 1.

The truck, trailer, and driver, donated by Dillon Transportation, will head out once it is full. "The truck will leave when we need it to. We have not set a deadline," said Mayor Keenan. Dillon has offered to bring another truck out to Pleasant View if the first one gets filled and the donations are still pouring in. "Dillon Transportation has been so helpful with everything. They are truly a remarkable company," added Keenan.

"Let's keep the donations coming, and let's be a blessing to the folks who need it most right now," Keenan urged.

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